San Mateo, CA

UI/UX Designer

Project Overview 

NVOLV is an app that helps event organizers facilitate information for event participants. Through the app, they provide a schedule, tracks, map of the venue, and other relevant information.

Attendees benefit from having quick access to all the event data, to make the best out of the attending and achieve any goal they might have.

The main priority to accomplish was to organize information and screens to facilitate users with the most valuable information when attending an event, so they can quickly scan through the app and accomplish whatever goal they have. This could be knowing the detailed schedule to networking with peers.

I joined the team in 2016 as a product designer and worked closely with the PM and the dev team. 

The process was based on researched information from the first version of the app. We started by creating new user flows, wireframes, moving on to mockups and prototyping to get feedback and iterate.

discover NVOLV@2xdiscover NVOLV@2x

Discover screen and flow that takes to exhibitors, brand ambassador, speakers, and live session

My Role

As a Product Designer joining the team I had the task to explore and deliver new screens, create prototypes, get feedback, refine and iterate.



Attendees list view and single attendee profile. Message overview screen and messaging between users.

Design Process

I worked closely with the product manager and the development team. I jumped into the project with a first version of the app already being tested, so there was some information gathered. We started out with the researched information, and with this created wireframes, which helped to move on to mockups and from this to prototyping first versions to be able to get feedback, and iterate. After this process, this was handed over to development.


Navigation Iteration

Discovering the best navigation menu for the app was tricky. We made some assumptions on what could work and what users would find more valuable and this was proven incorrect in a few iterations.

The best version resulted in having a “Discover” page as the central page with a summary of most relevant info and quick access to all sections of the site.

The messenger was unified under notifications and secondary links were moved under the collapsed menu “More”.


Some quick rough sketches to understand screens.

Wireframes - NVOLVWireframes - NVOLV

Part of the Wireflows.

sign up@2xsign up@2x

Sign up flow, topics preference and join event.

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